Advanced Water Treatment Technologies

Advanced Water Treatment Technologies

Ozonia Ozone Generation WTP installation

Advanced water treatment technologies available from Aquatec Maxcon include:

Ozonia ozone/BAC systems

Ozonia ozone or Biologically Activated Carbon filtration systems are applied for disinfection or oxidation of specific contaminants including colour, taste and odour removal. BAC filtration is the process of utilising naturally occurring biology to remove organics from drinking water via bioassimilation. Ozone stimulates the breakdown of stable organics into a food source that the biology can remove through assimilation.

Trojan UV-Oxidation systems

Trojan UV-Oxidation systems are simple and effective for taste, odour and algal toxin treatment with simultaneous disinfection. In a variety of water treatment applications, UV in combination with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), or UV-oxidation, is an extremely cost effective treatment technology for the treatment of taste and odour problems. Advantages of UV-oxidation include its simplicity, its small footprint and the fact that it does not form a disinfection by-product.

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