Anaerobic and Energy Recovery Technologies

Anaerobic and Energy Recovery Technologies

    • High Rate Anaerobic Systems
    • Municipal Biosolids Technologies
    • Waste to Energy Plants


    Anaerobic Technologies

    Aquatec Maxcon is a leading provider of anaerobic technologies for a variety of applications, with over 47 years’ experience in the field. From high rate anaerobic treatment processes for industrial wastewater treatment applications to more conventional municipal digestion processes, Aquatec Maxcon have access to a wide variety of proprietary and in-house technologies. We conduct extensive research and development in our laboratory as well as field pilot trials to continually improve our technologies.

    Aquatec Maxcon have also built dedicated Waste to Energy facilities which provide municipalities with reduced biosolid disposal costs in addition to additional revenue streams by co-digesting wastes, thereby reducing greenhouse gases by preventing organic waste going to landfill.

    Anaerobic technogies are of interest in the following applications:

    • Processing of organic waste in either slurry or solid form
    • Treatment of high strength wastewater
    • Reducing transport and disposal volumes of biosolids produced by wastewater treatment plants
    • Offsetting site demands for heat and/or power
    • Additional revenue streams via co-digestion where capacity exists in anaerobic digesters
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    Key Installations

    Municipal Installations


    Coombabah STP

    Industrial Installations

    Tooheys WWTP
     IC Pilot Plant Small
    IC Pilot Plant
     pilot plant
    AFR Pilot Plant


    Products and Services

    Aquatec Maxcon has 50 years of experience in treating water and wastewater for both municipal and industrial applications.

    A leader of the water industry, Aquatec Maxcon has introduced a range of innovative process technologies to Australia including the first UASB, IC Reactor, Membrane Bioreactor and Circox Reactor. We have a successful track record in introducing new technologies and have diligently supported their implementation within Australian conditions.

    Aquatec Maxcon Pty Ltd is part of the Aquatec Maxcon Group which provides a vertically integrated range of in-house services including:

    • Design and Construction
    • Project Management, Commissioning and Operation
    • Installation and Maintenance
    • Steel Fabrication, Sand Blasting and Painting
    • Machine and Plant Automation
    • System Integration and SCADA Configuration

    Aquatec Maxcon has established and maintains a dedicated service department for scheduled maintainence and breakdown services.

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