Aquatec Maxcon offers a complete package for anaerobic and aerobic digestion systems. For anaerobic digestion, we can offer steel digester covers, sludge circulation, sludge heating and digester gas mixing systems.

Digester Mixing System

Gas Mixing

Multiport Gas Mixing Valve - For multiple lances digester   gas mixing, we can offer a single multi-port valve which simplifies the mixing valve arrangement.

  1. Gas Lance - We can offer mixing gas lance in guide tube   in stainless steel and galvanised mild steel.

  2. Draft Tube - We can offer draft tube mixing system using gas   lift system.

Steel Digester Cover (Floating and Fixed)

Coombabah Digester

  1. Floating steel digester cover complete with roller guides and water seal.

  2. Fixed digester cover for primary.

Aquatec Maxcon has completed in excess of 40 digester installations, and has designed, manufactured and installed some of the largest digester roofs across Australia.

Sludge Heat Exchanger/Heater

Sludge Heater-Gatton1 thumb
  1. Innovative combined boiler/heat exchanger sludge heater. No separated boiler.

  2. Non-clogged tube-in-tube sludge heater.

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